About us

Hi! We are Stefanie and Jeroen. We founded DASNICE in 2014 with the idea of sharing this love with the outside world. Starting with small items such as vases and other small decorative items, we soon discovered our true calling: finding and restoring Scandinavian design furniture.

When bringing back an item to restore, we have only one rule: we have to feel a connection with it. Or, in other words: if we don’t like it, we’re not bringing it with us. But if we do like it? Well, then all bets are off…


Today, we are hunting for vintage treasures all around Europe. We travel to the most picturesque places, find the best-hidden markets and meet the most intriguing people. Some items we search for specifically, others cross our path by accident. Our own furniture truck has seen most of the European roads - and has brought some truly unique pieces back to our own atelier for restoring. Are you looking for a specific piece? Make sure to let us know - and we’ll happily get back on the road in order to find it for you.


Wood and veneer hold no secrets for our restoration team, and over the years we have developed our own unique techniques on how to restore our furniture back to its former glory. We use the best and most qualitative products and restore everything carefully by hand. This all translates into lovingly treated design furniture that will last a lifetime.


A picture says more than a thousand words. That is why we went looking for the perfect partner to capture our furniture. We found our perfect match in Dave of DL photography: a true ‘what you see is what you get’ artist who ensures that each and every detail of our pieces is captured impeccably.

He always makes sure to show the colour of each item as accurately as possible - and if there are small use marks due to age we will definitely bring them into focus. He aims to capture the heart of our products in every picture.


Did something catch your eye, but do you want to meet it in person before buying it? Smart. We know, better than anyone else, that there needs to be a certain connection between you and the piece. And that connection is best sparked in real life. That’s why we have opened our beautiful showroom, the size of a whopping 600m2. It’s filled to the brim with vintage treasures - and has to offer many more things than can be found on our website…

We open our doors to the public each and every Saturday between 11am and 4pm. Do you prefer to shop exclusively? Not a problem: contact us and we’ll find a date for you to come by in private. We can’t wait to introduce you to some of our finest pieces.


Fell in love with one of our pieces and can’t wait to admire it in the warmth of your own home? Great. We’ll make sure you have nothing to worry about. We deliver each piece ourselves in Belgium and The Netherlands - but also arrange everything beyond these borders. Our packing skills have proven to be trustworthy, solid and safe and we are connected worldwide when it comes to shipping companies.

Or, in other words: when you purchase a DASNICE item, you won’t have to worry about getting it safely to your place. We’ll arrange everything. That’s a promise.