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Hi! We are Stefanie and Jeroen, we are absolutely and irreversibly enamoured with vintage design, especially when it’s Scandinavian. That is why we decided to turn this passion into our job. Hunting for vintage treasures all around Europe, getting our hands dirty restoring these treasures - and making sure each and every piece finds the warm and loving home it deserves? Yes, please!

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Each piece has been restored with the greatest care, the finest materials and comes with its own story as an added bonus. Ready for your own little piece of history?


Heart and soul

Why vintage?

There are a lot of reasons for choosing vintage furniture. But we’ll keep it short with these five main ones:

- You’ll be the owner of an item with a lot of heart and soul

- Every item will retain its value - and will even increase in value over time 

- It will elevate your interior 

- You’ll purchase a little piece of history - and add it to your own

- By buying vintage you contribute to a circular economy

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They say a picture can say more than a thousand words. And although this is very true, and our pictures are something we do take pride in, seeing something in real life still has that little something extra. They don’t call it ‘love at first sight’ for nothing… 

Want to smell, touch and experience our furniture in real life - and maybe even discover some hidden treasures that aren’t posted on the website? We can’t wait to meet you.